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Simplex Info Systems is an international software technology company with offices in the United States and India. The Indian arm of operations is an offshore development center located in Hyderabad City.

Simplex Info Systems utilizes its unique approach for project/product development and enterprise service offerings to deliver value for money results to our customers/clients.

Simplex Info Systems has partnerships with leading technology companies worldwide to ensure technology focus that helps it provide solutions in line with the emerging technologies. Our Microsoft and Sun Partnerships ensure that our technology understanding is ahead of the market place and that our domain experts and marketing personnel are constantly updated. This also ensures that our engineers upgrade their skill sets all the time converting them into our most powerful assets.

Simplex Info Systems offers its clients a tightly coordinated two-pronged approach to their technology requirements.

At our offshore development center in India, developers are led by senior project managers to deliver best of breed technology solutions tailored to customer requirements.

Onsite, a smaller, but highly trained-team of developers, led by an experienced onsite project manager, works at the client-end ensuring the efficient integration and implementation of the technology.

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